Stop Sinning!

Do all your preachers and teachers who you admire tell you that you can’t stop sinning?  Do they tell you that it is impossible to stop sinning and that it is blasphemy to say that you can?  Do they mock those who say they have or try to stop sinning?  Then compare their teaching with the words of Christ Jesus on sinning.  Compare their words with the Apostles of Christ.  They all consistently command that anyone who follows Christ MUST stop sinning.  That if you love him you will obey him.  That you must die to the old nature and be reborn with a new nature.  That you must be holy, righteous, blameless.  That you must be an over-comer.  This is consistent and frequent throughout the scriptures.  So then you have to ask yourself; who do you believe?  Do you trust God’s words or man’s?  Is it possible with man and man’s methods?  No.  Is it possible with God?  Everything is possible with God.  But you have be believe it for it to be possible.

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