We need Heroes

We need to make sure that we don’t spend our energies and time infighting with one another when we should be focused on winning.  We need to have the attitude of selfless heroes who are devoted to the cause.  Heroes aren’t in it for themselves or for personal gain.  They are in it for the good of all because they truly believe in the cause.  Don’t get sucked into petty arguments and things that don’t accomplish anything.  But also don’t be silenced because others are too easily offended by truth.  Be overcomers.  Stay focused on building each other up, being free and helping others to be free.  Cherish truth and reject anything false.  When you destroy a lie and share truth, you are freeing people.  If your truth doesn’t free people, then you might need to re-evaluate it.  Stand up to people who claim to be leaders but who are really phony and just in it for personal gain and prestige.  3 things that God wants us to be — Pure, Brave and Free!

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