How God’s Kingdom Looks in a Society

Imagine a society where God’s principles and way of life were lived out.  Righteous figures throughout the Bible story as well as Israel’s history give us glimpses of this.  But it is much more thoroughly mapped out how a society should work in the New Testament.  The New Testament was the time when things were being brought into fullness.  The good news of the Kingdom was being preached far and wide.  Followers of Christ were initially called followers of “the way”.  This was a way of life and a pattern of living that was different from a corrupt and sinful society.  It started with personal salvation and then continued in personal learning, sanctification and increasing of the fruits of the Spirit.  This results in a new way of life and bearing good fruit for that person.  But then in continues and changes the whole way that families function and then it spreads out and changes the whole way a society works and functions, then it changes whole nations.  These principles and way of life should permeate every sector of society.  This is not about giving people more to do or getting them to go to church.  That is small minded.  It is changing the way people think and act and function to the point that it changes everything.  Imaging families having order and peace.  Husbands, wives and children all accepting their created roles and lovingly and humbling walking in them.  There is a lot to this, but it brings real peace to homes and families.  And this will produce an even better next generation.  Imagine honest and just business dealings in all types of business in society.  Imaging just laws that are for the real benefit of all.  All of the corruption in business and government stems from sin and rejection of God’s laws and principles.  This way of life takes away envy, greed, bitterness, theft, pride, self indulgence, etc.  But for it to work, it has to be real.  One can’t say they follow this way and then continue in all those sins.  It won’t change anything.  As Jesus repeatedly says, “Stop sinning.”  Most pastors today will tell you on a regular basis that you can’t stop sinning.  Well, if you don’t stop sinning, nothing in your life or in society will change.  So who are you going to listen to?

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