Truth Brings Real Freedom


Jesus said in the book of John, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples.  Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”   This confused those listening to him because they had never been actual, physical slaves.  But there are many forms of slavery and bondage.  And just as he states that knowing the truth would set people free, the opposite is also true.  Lies bring bondage in one form or another.  Sin, for example, often comes from believing some type of lie and this belief of something untrue and resulting sin is a type of bondage.  You become a slave to that sin.  But this can also come from people who are trying to be good being deceived by a false teaching.  If God’s people are taught that they have to do something and are made to feel very guilty if they don’t do it, and this thing they are told they must do is not actually what the Bible teaches, then this too is a type of bondage built on a lie.  This does happen when people use man’s methods to get something they want from God’s people.  For Christians, being acutely aware of both is important to becoming truly free as God intends for you to be.  We can’t fall into bondage from sin, but we also can’t fall into bondage from a false teaching.  The only way to avoid this is to know God’s word for yourself, to read it, to ponder it, and to ask God regularly to reveal the truth in his word to you.  If you are being hit with guilt in order to get you to cooperate with something, and the Bible is being used to justify it, make sure it is not a passage taken out of context just to support what someone wants to do.  Unfortunately, this is very common in churches today.  Passages are misused to support a sermon or to support a doctrine or action someone wants to take, yet the scripture isn’t even talking about that, or worse, it’s actually saying the opposite.  In order to be spiritually free, we must know what God actually says in the bible and know the whole book in question in light of the whole Bible story to know if that is really what it means.  If someone in leadership is misusing scripture, it is right for other believers to point this out to them.  That is not rebellion, but protecting.  This is for the freedom of everyone involved, not just ourselves.  We must know the truth and we must understand God’s teachings deeply in order to be set free and in order to remain free.  And once we do know God’s teachings and are set free, we should be passionate to set as many other people free as possible.

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