Old Doesn’t Mean – Out of The Fight!


I recommend that as a victorious and wise people that we banish the ideas of retirement and putting away the old folks.  We are building a Kingdom and we are in an epic war and everyone is needed.  We need them and they need us.  They are a key part of our wisdom, strength and experience.  The old grey beards should be our elders and guides and they have a tremendous wealth of knowledge to offer to God’s Kingdom here and now.  We should honor them, treat them with proper respect, and uplift and encourage them as God’s word says.  The man in this photo is a retired Swiss Army Soldier who has been competing in and winning endurance races for 50 years.  We all need this attitude of perseverance and not quitting or taking it easy.  As Christians in America, we’ve been getting our butts kicked by the kingdoms of this world for decades.  We’ve been severely weakened by TV, movies, video games, anti-family teachings, feminism, communist ideals, false doctrines in churches, indoctrination by people in our nation who are anti-God, teachings for Christians to check-out of public life, fluffy feel good teachings that disarm people.  But only because we let it happen.  We need to see the reality that we are in a world-wide struggle.  We are in a Kingdom that is to be victorious on this planet and we are to be part of it.  We have been given victory, but we must fight the battles.  Just as God gave the children of Israel victory, but they had to step out and take the fight to the enemy.  They were given the promised land into their hands by God, but they still had to take it.  That is now us and it is now a spiritual kingdom and is world wide.  Everybody Fights!  Nobody Quits!

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