It’s about a Kingdom


God’s purpose for his creation is the same now as it has been from the beginning.  It has never changed and God has not lost sight of it.  It involved creating something precious, something extremely difficult to make and even difficult to explain.  But something so beautiful and glorious that many would give their lives in building it so their children could enjoy the blessings of it.  God wanted it for his own Son, and his Son would die to bring it into fullness.

This creation is about a Kingdom, a Kingdom with a king and a people with just laws and a way of life that is good and fruitful.  The people in this Kingdom are completely free and they obey the laws of this Kingdom because the laws and the King are good and the people have become wise. God created the world and the the universe and he created mankind, and often we stop there with our understanding.  But more importantly, he created a Kingdom. This Kingdom is the object of his work and his love.  This Kingdom is described in many ways and types and pictures in the scriptures to deepen our understanding of what it is and what God’s relationship to it is.  It is pictured in the Bible as a garden, a bride, a lover, a city, a nation, a people, a body.  It’s people are pictured as trees and branches of a vine bearing good fruit, buildings, parts of a body, priests, servants, sheep, friends, a beloved creation.  The King is pictured as a king, a bride groom and husband, the head of the body, a high priest, a gardener, a shepard, a father, a counselor, a teacher, a savior, a warrior, a provider.

The Kingdom of God is central to the story of the Bible and yet is almost completely missed or ignored by most Christians and Christian teachers today.  Most focus just on individual salvation and a very basic understanding of Christian life.  Ask your pastor and some fellow church goers the following questions; What age are we in? are we God’s people?  What is the Kingdom of God?  Does the Kingdom of God exist on earth today or is it only in heaven?  Are we part of that kingdom now?  Is Jesus ruling on his throne yet?  When we die do we go rest in the earth or go straight to heaven?  If the Kingdom of God exists on earth, where is it and what does it look like?  Is the world about to end, or does it go on forever?  If nothing else, it will be an entertaining exercise that will probably get you thinking.  Some will look at you like “what the hell are you talking about?”.  Some will be mad that you stumped them.  Some will attempt answers based on a vague understanding.  A very few will have even a good point of view that they can articulate and converse rationally about.  Now if the Kingdom of God is even a central concept in the bible, let alone THE central object, and was a main topic taught on by Jesus and the early disciples, shouldn’t we have a clear understanding of what it is and how it relates to our lives?  We can’t find a kingdom if we don’t know what it looks like.  We can’t build a kingdom if we don’t know how it functions.  We can’t be effective as God’s people if we don’t even know who God’s people really are.

This blog is going to focus on many topics relating to God’s Word and His Kingdom and who we are and what we are suppose to be doing today.  It will focus on what this kingdom is suppose to look like and function right here and right now.  We will talk about how we are to live as a free people and what true freedom is as well as where we fit into history.  It will cover some topics that may strike you as controversial.  You will probably not hear much of this in a local church even though it is from the bible and you can read it for yourself.  Some of what I say may surprise you or even shock you.  It may go against a long held belief.  But if you know God and his word and you love him and his creation, then this should be refreshing and encouraging.  My goal is to find and spread truth and encourage others to do the same and that this will truly set people free.  The goals is truth and all types of freedom based on truth.  We will explore a very wide range of topics that relate to current events as well as spiritual concepts and understanding of scripture.  So I ask that you read it with an open mind and please search the scriptures thoroughly and ponder these things to see if what is said here is true.

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